Saturday, September 3, 2011

Growin' Girls

Caroline is still crazy about her baby sister and ALWAYS wants to help, here she's helping Avery sit up and play, but Avery doesn't need help sitting up anymore, she's doing that all on her own now!

Caroline and Avery rocking before bedtime, two sleepy girls.

Avery got to spend a couple of days with her good friend across the street, Zachary, while her regular baby sitter took some time off.

"see, I can sit all by myself when my big sissy lets me!"

Future piano player?

Loving the exersaucer (with bow on head so everybody will stop calling her a boy!)

Caroline just finished her 1st week at Northside Baptist Preschool and is loving it! Here she is posing before going in on her 1st day...such a big girl!

And waiting in the drop off area before going to her classroom. I didn't go all the way to her classroom with her because she was doing so well and I didn't want to chance any tears leaving her in the classroom (from her or me.)


This post is long overdue, and there are lots of pictures to share, some of which haven't made it onto the computer yet, so I'll have to try to post again soon to get the most recent stuff on here. But these are a few from over the past month.
Caroline getting a little cuddle time with Grandpa or Peepa (she calls him both names.) Not sure if he's awake or asleep in this picture.

Taking a bath with cousin Brayden after a VERY WINDY day at the beach. Thanks to Grandma for staying home with Avery so we could go to the beach.

Caroline at one of the many pool parties we've been to this summer. This girl loves swimming in the pool now!

Avery met Travis's cousin Toby a few weeks ago, and she was mistaken for his child when we were all at a restaurant. I guess it must be the hair...or lack thereof. :) Although his new baby girl has a beautiful head full of hair?

And Avery now loves to roll all over the place. Put her on the floor and she'll roll from one side of the room to the other in no time. This day she made it all the way under her crib. Now she is really starting to stretch and reach for toys out of her grasp, trying to figure out how to scoot her way to it, so I think she'll be crawling before too long...I'm not rushing it though.

And she discovered her toes. They are her favorite toy on the changing table and in while in her car seat now.

She's become a pro at eating her baby food, she can now pick up puffs (similar to cheerios) and get those to her mouth on her own too. And she's trying to figure out what to do with this sippy cup, mostly just banging it around and throwing it on the floor at this point.

That's all for now, but I will try to post more soon so stay tuned....