Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow 2010

We traveled to Smithfield this weekend so we could enjoy playing in the snow (Wilmington got nothing but cold rain as usual.) It was Caroline's first time in the snow since she was about 8 months old, and she had a good time. We weren't able to make a snowman though because the snow wouldn't stayed packed together, but she quickly got over that.

Madeline helped me pull Caroline and Lydia on the sled from their house back to Grandma's.
Caroline thought it was very cold Saturday and we played outside for a few minutes at a time before going back inside to warm up.
After warming up we enjoyed some (crunchy) snow cream.
We came back to Wilmington today and went straight to the new house to see last week's progress. We now have a front door...
...a deck and paved car port...
...and paved garage...
...and the electrician finished wiring the house. Next should come the insulation and then the drywall.
We have to pick out a color for the vinyl siding shakes that will be on the front porch and on the gable areas. I was thinking tan, almond, or light gray...any suggestions are welcome. Here's a picture of the brick color again, it's a whitish color with gray mortar.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Updated House Pictures

January 8th - Frame & roof sheathing complete, house wrapped

Included this picture to show the color brick we're using
January 16th - Windows & doors installed (except for the front door), electrician's boxes installed, shingles started.
I took this picture from the back of the front half of our lot that we cleared.Caroline and Caitlin playing in the back yard, in the dirt of course. Caitlin lives a couple of houses down and across the street. From what I understand there are quite a few small children in the neighborhood which is pretty small, so I'm sure Caroline will be making lots of new friends. Behind the cleared part of our lot is almost an acre that is still wooded and backs up to a creek (Travis has big plans for bow hunting back there.)

Inside the house - stair case from kitchen
Travis' "Man Cave" (that he also has to share with Caroline.) When we first walked up there, a bird was flaying around but he finally figured out how to get out of the house.
January 23rd - fireplace, plumbing pipes, tubs, and shower, HVAC installed, shingles completed
The shower will have two shower heads, one coming from the ceiling on the left side (something Travis wanted since he's tall and almost has to dunk under a regular shower head) and a regular one on the right side
We're getting more excited as more progress is made on the house. Next week the electrician should come back to do wiring, then insulation will be installed. Will post more pictures soon. Caroline has been camera shy lately, so I have no good pictures of her to share now.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

We're really building a house!

It's been exciting to see the progress of our new home being built. After a slow start things have really started moving along the past 3 weeks.
Dec. 13th - footings dug out, rebar in place
Dec. 19th - foundation complete
Dec. 24th - first floor framed
Jan. 2nd - house and roof framed

Christmas 09

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. Caroline learned how to sing a couple of Christmas tunes and had a pretty good understanding of Santa. He made an appearance at her school Christmas party and she wouldn't get near him. I took her to see Santa again on Christmas Eve and while in line she said she didn't want to sit with him, she even laid on the floor not wanting to get up. But when we got to him, he reached out to give her a candy cane, I seized the moment and plopped her in his lap where she sat and smiled and told him that she wanted an airplane for Christmas. I'm waiting to get a copy of the picture from the bank and will have to do a late post when I get it.
Later on Christmas Eve, Caroline played the part of an angel at the church service. Here's a clip of her debut performance.

Back at Grandma's we mixed up some magical food to leave in the yard for Santa's reindeer. After coming in Caroline put all her pacis in her stocking for Santa to take for little babies that need them. Caroline went to bed fine without it, but woke up during the night very upset that she couldn't have her paci. A couple of hours later she (and everyone else in the house) fell asleep again. And that was the end of her paci.
Christmas morning she woke up to find an outdoor playhouse and lots of other toys and goodies that Santa left her.

Saturday night, my old friend Nicholas came by to see us. Caroline warmed right up to him and jumped in his lap for a story after showing him all her new toys.

And Sunday we gathered with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Caroline warmed right up to all of them as well. She demonstrated her independence by taking Greatest Aunt Jackie to the bathroom with her, using the potty, emptying it's contents into the real toilet, and rinsing it in the sink all by herself. Later she welcomed the newest member of the family, cousin Anna's husband Tim by climbing all over him.