Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Fall Y'all!

We've been trying to get out and enjoy the nice fall weather as much as possible the past few weeks.

We spent a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's last month, and Caroline got to help Grandpa make her favorite breakfast that she always looks forward to at their house - blueberry pancakes. Last weekend she went back all by herself for some one on one time with them (and a chance for Mommy and Daddy to get some things done around our house.)
We welcomed our friend and neighbor's new baby, Zachary. Caroline loves him and can't keep her hands off of him any time he's around. She's going to be a BIG helper when her little sister arrives.

Wilmington's Riverfest was a couple of weeks ago, and they had a big area set up for the kids. Caroline sat still long enough for a clown to paint this butterfly on her face.
She rode a little train with Caitlin who had her whole face painted like a princess kitty.
And she enjoyed the inflatables. We had to wait in line a while to go on this inflatable slide and then she wanted to go again right away. After waiting in line the second time, she went up and took her time jumping around for a while before sliding down...guess she wanted to make it worth the waiting.
Yesterday we participated in a breast cancer awareness walk downtown and then went out to get some pumpkins and mums.
It was hard to get her to sit still for a picture. She immediately wanted to start picking up pumpkins and flowers for us to take home.
I think she was most proud of this tiny pumpkin she picked out. As soon as we got home she wanted to wash it so it would be clean, then played with it for a while before finally putting it on the porch with the others.