Monday, April 26, 2010

April 2010

It's been a while since the last post, so here are several pictures to catch up.

Easter weekend we went to see the Disney Live Rockin Roadshow with Brianna. Caroline loved it and is still talking about it.
She participated in a few Easter Egg hunts this year, this one was after church on Easter Sunday.

Caroline posing with Maggie, she asked me to take their picture this morning before I got her dressed. Caroline is wearing her Buzz Lightyear pajamas which she loves. We "borrowed" them while at a friend's house several months ago and Caroline just kind of claimed them as her own. Maggie is still worn out from "helping" us around the house. She is so loyal and wears her poor old legs out following us around 24/7.
We go the Certificate of Occupancy for our new house March 31st! We didn't have time off from work to move until April 9th, but started taking a little at a time to the new house that week before. This is a picture of us having our first meal in the new house on the card table and chairs.
Trixie hid between this mattress and boxspring for a couple of days after the move.
But not Shelby, she claimed the stairs as her territory.
Caroline picked out pink and "lellow" for the colors in her new big girl room. We got her a new big girl bed which she has fallen out of one time during the night. The mattress and boxspring are just sitting on the floor for now so she didn't have too far to fall, just enough to scare her a little.

This is the game closet upstairs, I love this closet! It's big and has lot of shelves to store all of Caroline's toys and some other stuff too.
Our new dining room complete with new table and chairs. We can look out this window every evening and watch the 3 deer that come to the edge of the back yard to eat the corn Travis has put out for them. The first night we saw them, he was so excited and was pointing them out to Caroline.....her reaction, "Shoot them Daddy!"
And finally this is what we spent this past weekend doing, 20 pallets of sod for the yard, that's 1,000 rolls. It made for a long weekend and we were very fortunate to have some wonderful friends willing to help us with it. The end result was worth it though.
By Sunday afternoon we had grass over part of the back yard.
And all of the front yard. What a big difference grass makes! We plan to get a few more pallets this weekend to finish what we're going to do in the back yard in case there are any volunteers out there who'd like to help.