Saturday, January 24, 2009

January fun

Caroline has really been talking more and more every week. Her vocabulary is growing and she's babbling a lot more. Her favorite word lately has been "showa" (shower), don't know why? She still loves putting on our "shoos" too.

We had a little bit of snow Tuesday, just enough to cover the ground and for Caroline to play in at the babysitter's house.
Definitely not as much as she saw last year in Wisconsin though.

The cold weather was the perfect opportunity for her to wear the cute outfit that Grandma Jean made for her.
This morning she wanted to put a diaper on her baby, then took her baby to the potty.....I think she may be a little confused.

Caroline peed in the potty twice a couple of weeks ago but now she won't even sit on it. Oh well, it's a start. I hope she'll try again soon, the thought of her being out of diapers is very exciting!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dressing up

I guess Caroline is beginning to practice playing dress-up. I snapped a few pictures of her recently wearing some interesting combinations........
In this one, she had taken off her pants, put on one of my shoes, and is carrying a basket as she pushes her stroller around the house, she later added a pair of sunglasses.

Here she's wearing one of my slippers with Travis' camoflauge hat and nothing on but a diaper.

Tonight she walked all the way through the house wearing both of Travis' shoes pushing her stroller of course.

We went to visit extended family including Great Grandma the weekend after New Years and captured a picture of the 4 generations.

This past Friday night her friend Carter came to visit, and she took her last ever bath with a little boy. It didn't take her very long to notice he looked a little different than her as she reached down to put it out to us.